No matter what kind of physical retail business you’re in there is a good chance that your sales associates are critical to your success. They help drive the good customer experience, ensure that stores are compliant with operational standards and ultimately ensure sales targets are achieved.

Clearly, you simply cannot afford to neglect your sales associates. Below we share 4 ways you can empower them to have a positive impact on your revenue. At first sight, they might seem obvious. But many retailers are struggling to do these things daily.

1) Sharing of best practices

The ability to copy what others do has never been a bad attribute. Especially when it’s good. Sharing of best practices is an efficient approach to fast results.

If one store has the perfect concept for driving revenue, it should be easy to copy to other stores. To do that it must be easy to share across the organization. But using Whatsapp, emails and phone calls is outdated and inefficient.

What is needed is a digital unified way of communicating best practices so they are accessible, easy to pick up and implement for any sales associate.

2) Driving improved compliance

Stores that are compliant with guidelines and operational standards see an instant positive impact on sales. But most retail stores only manage to be compliant 65% of the time (1). Now, that's a problem.

Many retailers know they have compliance issues but not many know how to fix it. Compliance checks and audits are often done manually, needs to be collected in a spreadsheet and then sent over via email. This leave HQ with low to zero visibility of their stores’ compliance in real-time. When the collected data is finally sent over it is usually too little too late.

What retailers need is a digital tool that captures compliance in real-time so HQ managers and directors can make better decisions that have a positive impact on the business.

3) Efficient task management

In an ideal world, tasks would be completed with the highest quality at the highest speed possible. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Stores and sales associates alike struggle to implement or execute even the simplest tasks sometimes.

There are an enormous churn and abundance of part-time employees in the retail industry. Therefore, it is naturally complex for sales associates who are either new or only spend a couple of hours a week in the store to be truly knowledgeable about how things are done. Worst case scenario? If they don’t how to execute tasks they are likely to just ignore them.

Every single employee must be empowered and made autonomous. No matter the amount of experience. Guess what? You should use a digital tool for that. A tool that provides an easy way to receive, understand and execute tasks.

4) Spending more time with customers

A digital tool that helps the improve the 3 above-mentioned things, also helps unlock the ability to spend more time with customers.

And isn’t this what it’s all about? Sales associates like to spend time with customers. They like to spend time on the floor. Not on admin tasks. Having sales associates on the floor available to customers is obviously critical to a retail business.

We could easily throw numbers on the table and tell you how bad it is if your sales associates don’t spend enough time with customers. But chances are you already know that.

Instead, if you want to learn more about how your retail organization can empower your sales associates with a digital tool contact us here and we’ll be happy to tell you all about it.

Source (1): RIS news.