3 Things Store Associates Need to Survive Christmas

17 December 2018

Operations | Training & learning

Retail employees are the unsung heroes of Christmas.

They help stressed-out customers find the perfect gift and put up with hearing Mariah Carey 26 times per day while the rest of us cozy up at home with mince pies and a box of chocolates.

They’re also crucial to your brand’s success over the next few weeks.

Will your shoppers be drawn into your stores and find that special something for everyone on their list, plus a few things for themselves? (We all do this, let’s not lie to ourselves.)

Or will they be hurrying out because the store was a mess and that perfect gift for Mom was out of stock? Your store teams will decide.

Here’s how to help motivate your stores to make this Christmas the most successful one yet, and keep their sanity while doing it.

1. Clear Goals

Retail employees and managers can’t be successful if they aren’t sure what success means to them. How is success defined for each employee, what are the performance indicators for the store?

Each employee has a part to play in how the store looks and how shoppers experience your brand. The clearer these responsibilities are from the outset, the more stress-free everyone’s days will be.

Tip: visibility into store operations and key performance indicators can help retailers set goals for each store that are clear, structured and realistic. 

2. Communication

Instructions need to be communicated clearly, and each employee needs to be aware of what’s expected of them at all times.

If problems arise, feedback needs to be concise and in real time, as employees won’t have time to decipher complex instructions. Instead of spending hours on the phone with district managers, retail employees could be helping shoppers find everything they need.

Nobody likes to feel alone at Christmas. Sharing best practices between stores and HQ creates an atmosphere of support and teamwork.

Tip: Make communication with stores a 2 way street, so store teams can ask for help or clarification when they need it. 

To learn more about how archaic forms of communicating with stores like paper guidelines, emails and phone calls impact customer experience, download this free eBook.

3. Recognition

Your retail employees spent hours before opening time assembling that fragile Christmas display.

Don’t you owe it to them, after all that hard work and all those hours of standing, to determine how the display impacted sales?

Having visibility into store operations and tracking performance indicators means no nasty surprises, and insight into what did and didn’t work for next year. It also means you can give your store teams the recognition they deserve.

Tip: Making store KPIs accessible to store teams gives them visibility into how they've improved. Sharing progress with store teams keeps them engaged and motivated, even during the most stressful times. 

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Master these 3 things at an HQ level to give your retail associates and managers everything they need to flourish in this hectic time.


To find out how to make this Christmas a merry one for your store associates, request a free personalized demo below.