Retail Smarter, Not Harder: YOOBIC's New Look

07 May 2019



What qualities make a retailer successful? In 2019, it's gotten pretty difficult to pin down.

But when we think about the 120+ top retailers and 30,000 users spread across 45 countries we're fortunate to call our customers, one thing stands out: making meaningful improvement, every day.

It's our goal to give you the tools you need to make those meaningful improvements and create the perfect in-store experience, every time.

And since so many things (store operations, store associate training, visual merchandising and so much more) contribute to the perfect shopping experience, YOOBIC has become a lot more than just a tool for improving in-store execution. 

So it was about time we made some changes to our website and branding to reflect our main mission: to optimize in-store conversions and drive more revenue. 

Rebranding YOOBIC (1080p) (1)

Our new tagline - Retail Smarter

Declining foot traffic, store closures and's a tough time to be a retailer. The only way to thrive, not just to survive, is to optimize (yes, we intended all those words to rhyme). 

Working harder at doing more of the same thing won't help. Retailers need to work smarter, and take a page from eCommerce's book. Why? 

eCommerce's success comes from perfecting the customer journey and optimizing conversion rates. And we think applying the same mindset to the physical store is long overdue. 

Because the truth is, everything in a store contributes to conversions. YOOBIC helps retailers retail smarter, not harder, by optimizing everything that impacts in-store conversions. 

Our new website and visual identity

YOOBIC's New Website

In-store technology should make retail fun, easy and exciting. It should empower stores to perform their best, and help everyone - from a sales associate to a Head of Retail - to make better, faster, data-driven decisions.

Yoobic-conversion-optimizationYoobic Employee Success


We wanted our new visual identity to reflect this idea. YOOBIC Operations and YOOBIC Boost are sophisticated with a multitude of functionalities - while being fun and easy to use - just like any other app you'd use everyday.

You'll find a recurring visual theme on our new website - a blue swoosh. And here's our reasoning behind it.


Imagine if each store could make a meaningful improvement each day, no matter how small it might seem.

Better in-store execution, more productive store visits, happier and more knowledgeable sales associates - improving these optimizes conversion rate, too. 

And if each store optimizes their conversion rate by a little each day, imagine how much of a difference it makes to revenue long term. 

These meaningful improvements snowball into something much bigger.  

What's Next? 

We hope our new branding and website inspire you to retail smarter every day. But it's feedback that helps us make YOOBIC better, and we'd love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of YOOBIC's new look in the comments below!