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3 Reasons Your Stores Struggle With Compliance

Posted on 13-Jun-2019 14:36:42

As we all know, the cornerstone of a successful store is a flawless customer experience. And one of the biggest contributing factors to that experience is the look and feel of the store.

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How to Improve Compliance with Operational Standards When Time and Resources Are Limited

Posted on 06-Nov-2017 10:09:10

We see many organizations that struggle with their operational standards. It’s not that they don’t know of the problem -  they do. But they don’t know how to fix it.

Regional Managers are often responsible for checking and correcting operational standards. This is where the problem is. Regional Managers have very limited time and resources but have to manage plenty of locations. The consequence is that store visits are rare.

Here at YOOBIC, we know all about those problems. We also know how to solve them. Let’s show you the 3 ways we help organizations improve compliance.

1. Visibility of what happens in the field - in real-time

This may be the biggest pain for most organizations: not knowing what happens in the field. In real-time, that is. Companies struggle to get information quickly. Often, data and information take weeks to get to HQ. What’s worse, it takes regional managers a lot of time to collect and collate all that information. That’s not very productive for anyone.

Imagine if you could have all that mission-critical data available as soon as it’s collected. Well, that is the reality of our clients. We help organizations get instant visibility of what’s happening in the field.

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