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The “clicks to bricks” phenomenon: Why are online brands moving to physical stores?

Posted on 16-May-2019 16:41:33

Considering that the physical store is supposedly dead and buried, we’re seeing an awful lot of new stores popping up - a lot of which are being opened by brands that previously only sold online.

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Topics: In-Store Technology, in-store execution, improving store performance, visual merchandising, retail trends 2019

4 Great Ideas from Our Retail Innovation Breakfast

Posted on 18-Jan-2019 12:16:52

The YOOBIC London team was thrilled to host our 8th Retail Innovation Breakfast at Covent Garden's Hospital Club yesterday.

We had our fill of coffee, croissants and thoughts on retail from our two incredible speakers: Michaela Michaelides of Yankee Candle (our amazing client) and Gordon Bullock of GRJB consulting.

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Topics: customer success story, In-Store Technology, in-store execution, store visits, improving store performance, store operations, retail trends 2019, operational efficiency

Is Digital Transformation Enough to Save the In-Store Experience?

Posted on 12-Jul-2018 10:00:00

We’ve all heard of the recent store closures of our trusted retailers like M&S, Mothercare, New Look and House of Fraser.

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Topics: customer experience, retail, In-Store Technology, retail tech, AI

3 Ways Mobile Tech Has Transformed the Role of the Store Associate

Posted on 20-Jun-2018 08:35:00

Mobile technology has put shoppers in control of their buying journey. Checkout-free payments, personalised offers as soon as they set foot in a store...the list goes on. 

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Topics: in-store excellence, in-store execution, In-Store Technology

2 Ways In-Store Technology Elevates Customer Experience

Posted on 01-Jun-2018 11:32:02

This article was originally posted in June 2018, and was updated in August 2019.

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Topics: customer experience, In-Store Technology, retail tech, improving store performance

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