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Talking Shop at Shoptalk 2019

Posted on 14-Mar-2019 13:43:04

Over 8,000 people attended Shoptalk last week in Las Vegas and this year the YOOBIC team was amongst them, with our CEO, Fabrice, giving a talk about how physical retail is far from dead - it’s thriving! 

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Topics: USA, Shoptalk 2019

Store Review: Nike’s House of Innovation, Where Retail Meets Tech

Posted on 07-Mar-2019 10:15:58

Concept stores are cropping up all over the place right now, but with each store claiming to offer an entirely unique experience, do they all live up to the hype?

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Topics: customer experience, in-store execution, sports brands, USA, New York, innovation

Come In and Play: How The Entertainer is Thriving After Toys R Us' Untimely Demise

Posted on 28-Feb-2019 14:55:08


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Topics: customer experience, in-store execution, store operations, Toy Retail

An Interview With Our CEO: Fabrice Haïat Talks All Things Retail in NYC

Posted on 19-Feb-2019 11:07:47

Photo from Le Parisien

Last year, our CEO, Fabrice, made the leap across the pond to open an office in New York. Everyone knows the Big Apple is one of the shopping capitals of the world - but how does it compare to London? We sat down with Fabrice to hear about his experiences with US retail since becoming a New Yorker. 

1. What have you learned about retail since taking YOOBIC to NYC?

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Topics: customer experience, sales associate training, in-store excellence, USA

“Train the Trainer”: The Real Downfall of Brick and Mortar Retail

Posted on 14-Feb-2019 09:19:07

This week's post is written by Michael Dahan, the CEO of New Legacy - Sports Zone, a lifestyle athletic footwear and apparel chain in Maryland. He has been a retail executive in this industry for 18 years, and we’re thrilled to be collaborating with him here at YOOBIC.

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Topics: sales associate training

3 Ways Luxury Brands Can Make the In-Store Experience Shine in 2019

Posted on 07-Feb-2019 16:21:04

Despite declining consumer confidence and the ever-looming threat of the supposed “retail apocalypse”, luxury brands seem to be doing better than ever. In fact, according to the Bain Luxury Study, the global luxury market grew 5% to €1.2 trillion in 2017. However, retail as a whole is changing rapidly, and for luxury brands to thrive, they will inevitably have to adapt to this evolving market in order to stay at the top of the ladder.

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Topics: in-store execution, Luxury Retail

What Does 2019 Have in Store for Stores? 4 Retail Executives Share Their Predictions

Posted on 31-Jan-2019 11:21:46

We interviewed 4 experienced retail executives about the biggest developments of 2018, the toughest challenges ahead, and one technology they think will be the biggest game-changer. Here are their thoughts! 

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Topics: customer experience, retail trends 2019, operational efficiency, retail predictions 2019

Our Top 3 Takeaways from NRF 2019

Posted on 24-Jan-2019 17:49:37

Earlier this month, our US team were excited to attend NRF’s Big Show in New York. There were so many innovative ideas being shared by industry experts from all parts of the retail sector, and it's given us high hopes for 2019. After all, we know that retail isn't dead - boring retail is!

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Topics: NRF 2019, retail trends 2019

4 Great Ideas from Our Retail Innovation Breakfast

Posted on 18-Jan-2019 12:16:52

The YOOBIC London team was thrilled to host our 8th Retail Innovation Breakfast at Covent Garden's Hospital Club yesterday.

We had our fill of coffee, croissants and thoughts on retail from our two incredible speakers: Michaela Michaelides of Yankee Candle (our amazing client) and Gordon Bullock of GRJB consulting.

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