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Here's How Car Brands Can Shift Their Dealership Customer Experience into Top Gear

Posted on 11-Apr-2018 17:09:22

Car shopping can be a drag sometimes.

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The Real Reason Claire's USA, Maplin and Toys R Us Went Under

Posted on 23-Mar-2018 08:00:00

What do Claire's, Maplin and Toys R Us all have in common, other than going into administration?

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Topics: customer experience, retail trends, news

Beauty Advisors Are the Brand Guardians of Customer Experience

Posted on 01-Mar-2018 08:57:00

Anyone who’s ever bought foundation in the wrong shade will understand why “try before you buy” will never be irrelevant.

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Topics: customer experience, sales associate training

How Brands Can Regain Control of Customer Experience Through Wholesale

Posted on 26-Jan-2018 11:00:00

The woes of brick and mortar retailers struggling to adapt to a changing consumer landscape are all over the news. But what about the brands who stock their shelves?

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Topics: customer experience, retail operations

3 Ways Fashion Retail Will Change in 2018

Posted on 22-Dec-2017 11:27:12

If you’ve found yourself in a clothing shop at any point this December, you’re familiar with the typical customer experience in the fashion industry.

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Topics: customer experience, 2018 trends

How Poor In-Store Execution Affects Customer Experience

Posted on 02-Nov-2017 12:16:36

The growth of digital and mobile technologies has changed the way consumers interact with retailers. Retailers are working hard to provide the unique and seamless in-store experience consumers are expecting from them as it can be a powerful differentiator. However, one thing that often restrains retailer’s efforts is poor in-store execution.

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Topics: customer experience, in-store execution

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