How to Engage Your Deskless Workers With Internal Communications

04 June 2020

What's the link between internal communications and employee engagement?
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Why Every Deskless Worker Needs Mobile Tech

Employee engagement | June 3, 2020

There’s nothing like a crisis to illuminate what matters most.
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BurgerFi Launches YOOBIC to Train and Engage Its Growing Workforce

Restaurants, Training & learning, Employee engagement | May 21, 2020

The Fast Casual Restaurant Chain BurgerFi has partnered with YOOBIC to deliver forward-looking training and employee engagement to fast growing...
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How to Effectively Communicate with Employees During a Crisis

Employee engagement, Communication | April 8, 2020

Social distancing means that communication has become more important to us than ever.
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6 Best Practices for Adapting Digital Learning During the COVID-19 Crisis

Training & learning | April 1, 2020

Working from home has gone from a perk of a flexible workplace to the new reality for millions of us across the world. 
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5 Ways Retail and Hospitality is Combating the Effects of the Coronavirus Crisis

Retail news & trends | March 25, 2020

Like many industries, retail and hospitality are really feeling the strain right now. A lot of stores are reducing their opening hours or closing down...
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COVID-19: A Special Message for YOOBIC Customers from CEO Fabrice Haiat

Retail news & trends | March 19, 2020

The global spread of COVID-19 is impacting all of our daily lives. In particular, disruptions are being strongly felt in the retail and hospitality...
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How to Support Retail Pharmacists during the Coronavirus Crisis

Pharmacies | March 19, 2020

Drugstore pharmacists are the closest the majority of the public will get to nurses and doctors during the Coronavirus crisis. 
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How to Support Grocery Store Employees During the Coronavirus Crisis

Retail news & trends, Grocery Retail | March 19, 2020

The world is a pretty scary place for everyone right now. For grocery store employees, however, this is a particularly stressful time.
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